BBQs 2u Is the Missing Gem in Your Kitchen

If you are one of those people who are connoisseurs of good food, then you too must be relieved that the pandemic has abated now. What we all were missing due to the pandemic was regular outings with family and friends, jolly get-togethers and most importantly- Good Food. Those who have done it, know the fun of cooking out. 

The best one-stop shop of all the 

Cooking –our necessities is BBQs 2u. it is the leading independent kamado joe brand when it comes to the UK. They have been in service of excellence since 2002 and they have a host of BBQs and Grills including their flagship Blackstone 28 griddle with air fryer, Kamado joe, Napoleon barbecue and one pizza oven. 

BBQs 2u is a family-run business where the primary motive is to serve the customers. Unlike other brands and businesses in the market, they give great importance to customer satisfaction and they give secondary importance to profit making. Due to this commitment, they have proved their mettle in the market of ovens, grills and barbecues. 

If you are looking for a one-stop-in-one griddle then you must click here for Blackstone 28 Griddle With AirFryerWith this classic griddle, you can bake, sear, roast, sauté, and AirFry. Things have never been so convenient when it comes to cooking. This griddle is a beautiful combination of simplicity and ease in cooking. It flaunts 524 sq. inches of cooking space, which allows you to utilize every inch of the space.

The 2 quarts air frying capacity is the cherry on top. This griddle allows you to cook for large gatherings thus when you are the host, you will need not worry about the time and amount of food you can cook in one batch. It also has 2 side shelves along with magnetic strips for griddling accessories. The tool hooks are excellent storage spaces.

It has a hood, which retains the head and as a consequence, reduces the splatter and the patented rear grease management allows you to contain the mess on the surface of the griddle. It is assumed that whatever you cook on this griddle, will leave your guests, your family and you drooling and anticipating when you will have such a delicacy next.

The two baskets hold plenty of food and are perfect for cooking onion rings, tater tots, or even chicken nuggets in the shape of dinosaurs for your toddlers. One of these drawers is dedicated solely to air frying and the other is there for keeping the food items warm. In this warming section, you can hold bacon, and sausages and rest assured, they will be at the right temperature.

The air-fryer is buffed up with strong convection fans for convenient cooking. As compared to others, this griddle is very lightweight and is best for taking your kitchen outdoors. It will be best for hosting parties.


When it comes to cooking out, you must remember that BBQs 2u is the best friend of every party that you host.