BBQs 2u Is the Missing Gem in Your Kitchen

If you are one of those people who are connoisseurs of good food, then you too must be relieved that the pandemic has abated now. What we all were missing due to the pandemic was regular outings with family and friends, jolly get-togethers and most importantly- Good Food. Those who have done it, know the fun of cooking out. 

The best one-stop shop of all the 

Cooking –our necessities is BBQs 2u. it is the leading independent kamado joe brand when it comes to the UK. They have been in service of excellence since 2002 and they have a host of BBQs and Grills including their flagship Blackstone 28 griddle with air fryer, Kamado joe, Napoleon barbecue and one pizza oven. 

BBQs 2u is a family-run business where the primary motive is to serve the customers. Unlike other brands and businesses in the market, they give great importance to customer satisfaction and they give secondary importance to profit making. Due to this commitment, they have proved their mettle in the market of ovens, grills and barbecues. 

If you are looking for a one-stop-in-one griddle then you must click here for Blackstone 28 Griddle With AirFryerWith this classic griddle, you can bake, sear, roast, sauté, and AirFry. Things have never been so convenient when it comes to cooking. This griddle is a beautiful combination of simplicity and ease in cooking. It flaunts 524 sq. inches of cooking space, which allows you to utilize every inch of the space.

The 2 quarts air frying capacity is the cherry on top. This griddle allows you to cook for large gatherings thus when you are the host, you will need not worry about the time and amount of food you can cook in one batch. It also has 2 side shelves along with magnetic strips for griddling accessories. The tool hooks are excellent storage spaces.

It has a hood, which retains the head and as a consequence, reduces the splatter and the patented rear grease management allows you to contain the mess on the surface of the griddle. It is assumed that whatever you cook on this griddle, will leave your guests, your family and you drooling and anticipating when you will have such a delicacy next.

The two baskets hold plenty of food and are perfect for cooking onion rings, tater tots, or even chicken nuggets in the shape of dinosaurs for your toddlers. One of these drawers is dedicated solely to air frying and the other is there for keeping the food items warm. In this warming section, you can hold bacon, and sausages and rest assured, they will be at the right temperature.

The air-fryer is buffed up with strong convection fans for convenient cooking. As compared to others, this griddle is very lightweight and is best for taking your kitchen outdoors. It will be best for hosting parties.


When it comes to cooking out, you must remember that BBQs 2u is the best friend of every party that you host. 

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5 Safest Methodologies to Quickly Defrost Meat at Restaurant

One of the most hectic parts of running a restaurant is dealing with frozen food. Frozen food is the most complicated thing to deal with, but you have to do the task anyway. You have to thaw the food so that it becomes appropriate for use. Thawing any food takes almost twelve hours or more. One of the most back-breaking food to thaw is none other than meat that is in the small blast chiller of your restaurant.

Meat is a bit different from other food. Know that meat can spoil quickly, which means it requires extra care. Bacteria act fast on poultry and can make it decompose in hours. Know that minor negligence can result in disaster. But everything will go well if you pay attention to the tips and tricks. There are many ways you can use to defrost meat. Every method is appropriate depending on the situation and conditions. You can choose any process that seems easy to you. Below we have mentioned the five safest ways to thaw meat.

  • Tap Water Method:

 If you are not a professional, this method is for you. We all know that beginners can make many mistakes when thawing meat. That is why the best option for them is tap water. You will require some fresh tap water with a container to thaw meat. Take out the meat piece from the freezer. Now take a large container and fill it with water. You can also fill the sink with water but make sure it is clean. Now submerge the piece of meat in the water. Let it defrost for about 10 hours. Make sure you change the side of the meat piece every 20 minutes. You can submerge the meat with or without the packaging.

  • Refrigeration Method:

This method is also for beginners. But know that this will require planning of starting the task. Your meat may require more than expected time to thaw. Hence, timing is an integral factor during the refrigeration method. Even a pound of poultry can sometimes take more than 24 hours to thaw. Just put the meat piece in a container and place it in the refrigerator. Make sure that the temperature of the fridge is 4 degrees C. The best part of thawing meat is the bottom shelf of the commercial refrigerator.

  • Warm Water Method:

Do you want to speed up the process? Know that you can use warm water instead of cold water if you run out of time. But know that this method can be risky. So, you shouldn’t mess with it if you are not a pro. Just dip the meat in warm water, and it will be ready in an hour.

  • Microwave Method:

Microwave is safe when you have to thaw small pieces of meat. It can defrost your meat piece in just 10 minutes. Make sure you do not thaw bulky pieces of beef since it will thaw them unevenly. Chefs only use microwave frozen food that they will serve immediately. Do not let the food stay at room temperature for a long time.

  • Cook it:

There is nothing wrong with throwing frozen food straight into the pot. But remember that it will require a longer time for the meat to cook.


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It takes a touch further effort to form a distinction, a special style, sight, and flavor. Having cheese cream dripping on all sides of a tater full of vegetables and bacon, yummy. A single-time baked potato cannot provide enough satisfaction, sort of a dual baked potato with obvious fillings to spice it up.


4 massive russet potatoes (quantity to be determined by cuisine)

Vegetable scrub


Vegetable oil


Any desired topping


Prep time: five minutes

First bake: fifty minutes

Filling in time: five minutes

Second bake: quarter-hour

Combined: seventy-five minutes


Pastry brush

Baking sheet

Wire rack

Vegetable scrub

Parking knife or fork

Kitchen towel

Hand mixer

Mixing bowl

Baby steps to getting ready the simplest twice baked potatoes

* Wash potatoes vigorously with a vegetable scrub. Avoid bruising its skin within the method.

* Use a paring knife to pierce the potato 6-8 times for a simple flow of steam whereas the change of state.

* Dilute two tablespoons of salt in a very cup of heat water. Soak within the potatoes until it’s equally coated.

* This step is ex gratia however essential for flavor and improves style. Grease the rack with butter or oil. continually use a pastry brush. I will be able to suggest that you just grease the potato skins.

* heat up your kitchen appliance to 425 degrees astronomer and organize potatoes within the wire rack on your baking sheet uniformly to position within the kitchen appliance.

* Halfway gone within the change of state method, flip potatoes to cook the opposite sides and come to the kitchen appliance.

* After 50-55 minutes, retrieve potatoes from the kitchen appliance. Cut the associate oval form on its prime and scoop out its insides with a spoon into a bowl. take care to not harm its shells.

* Add in your favorite toppings ( cream, butter, cheese, bacon bits, etc). combine well with a hand mixer till equally integrated in.

* Place mixture back within the potato shells. you’ll prime them with herbs and spices or vegetables before returning to the kitchen appliance.

* Bake for one more quarter-hour and your meal is prepared to serve.


You wash potatoes to clean off excess dirt and create them clean and healthy to consume. 

The salt extra is to boost the style and you’ll add it at the start of the primary or second bake time. 

Piercing the potato is to avoid exploding whereas the change of state.

Preheat the kitchen appliance to stay the temperature before setting up the potato.

Turning the perimeters of the potato whereas the change of state is to realize the uniform change of state.

You can either slice and block the length of the tater or draw a cross on the prime of the baked potato and drag the ends to open them up.

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