Organizing a Sailing Regatta in Barcelona for Employees

Organizing a Sailing Regatta in Barcelona for Employees

Many companies that specialize in renting sailboats in Barcelona have recently begun offering an interesting and quite popular service. This is the organization of a sailing regatta, which is usually arranged for the employees of a certain company. In this way, it is possible to strengthen the team and make them work as a single unit. The sailing regatta is also perfect for any employee, regardless of their position, age, and even personality. Once a participant is on board, they have only one task – to be the first and go through a challenging journey. This can only be done together, so there will be no time for quarrels and misunderstandings.

Current sailing regattas can be held both at a professional and amateur level. Today, it is not just a sport – one needs to have quite a few skills and physical strength; professionals in this field train well before competitions. But if you have to compete with colleagues or another department in the company, the chances will be quite equal. Only endurance and unity will help you become the first.

How is a Sailing Regatta Held?

Corporate regattas are usually held according to a pre-prepared plan. They are usually organized in the following stages:

  • Shore training. Before going out on the water, all participants are briefed and the rules of the sailing regatta are clarified. The instructor must have some experience regarding the rules, as most participants are new to this sport.
  • Participant distribution. If you are competing with different departments of the company, you won’t need to distribute the participants. Otherwise, the distribution is carried out by a charter company employee.
  • Going out on the water. Once you know all the rules and are familiar with the skipper, you can go out on the water and perform practice maneuvers. The regatta in Barcelona will help you learn how to properly pull ropes, move around the yacht, and control the sails.
  • First race on the water. The instructor sets the starting line and finish line before the start. Keep in mind that the regatta consists of several races, so the first race won’t show your full skills.
  • Final race. The points from the previous races are summed up and the final race is held. The rules are clarified before the races begin.

After the completion, the teams return to the shore and the award ceremony takes place. This is the most solemn moment for the company’s employees. For an additional fee, you can order valuable prizes or beautiful gifts. Usually, the event leaders announce the winners from the last place to the winning one. Renting sailing yachts in Barcelona with the company Barcelona Boat Rental is carried out according to all the rules of the sailing regatta; they are professionals in this field and are ready to accept any client.

If you want to strengthen your team or improve relationships between employees, such events greatly increase efficiency. Clients from various firms turn to yacht rental companies, and charter companies are ready to provide the best regatta in Barcelona according to the current rules.