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What are the eligibility criteria required for Maharashtra Police Bharti recruitment?

The Maharashtra Police is planning to recruit almost 12538 constables. In the first phase of the recruitment 5300  recruitment would be done by the department. The examination is to be held in November 2021. The article will provide you with brief information about the requirements and eligibility criteria, and the selection process for the Maharashtra Police Bharti recruitment.

The Eligibility criteria for Maharashtra Police Bharti 2021: 

  • The candidate must pass class 12th or its equivalent qualification.
  • The candidate must have a good understanding of the Marathi Language.
  • The minimum age is 19 years old and the maximum age is 28 years old.
  • A resident / Domicile certificate is required.
  • A caste certificate is required.
  • Photograph (4 to 5 recent coloured)
  • Sign of the candidate is required.
  • NCC Cadet Certificate is required.

The age relaxation is applicable as per the Maharashtra Government rules-

  • SC/ST- 5 years
  • OBC – 5 years.

Maharashtra Police Bharti Syllabus 2021

We have provided you with the syllabus of the Maharashtra Police Bharti 2021 Examination. You can prepare the entire syllabus with BYJU’s Exam Prep to grab a good score in the exam.

General Knowledge 20
IQ Test 20
Arithmetic 20
Motor vehicle driving/ Traffic Rules 20
Marathi Grammar 20
Total  100

Application for the Maharashtra Police Bharti 2021

Candidates who have filled up the Mahapariksha Police Constable Vacancy 2021, can fill the online application form by the following steps.

  • Candidates first of all visit the official website of Mahapariksha or Mahapolice Vacancy 2021.
  • Download and read the official ads carefully.
  • After that, click on the link to go through the online registration.
  • Fill in all personal details, address details, and follow steps.
  • Upload required documents and click on the next step.
  • Pay Fees and upload your photos, signatures.
  • Re-check all the details are correct or not.
  • Then, finally submit the online form.
  • Take a printout of the form for further use.
  • Follow the official website for further details

The application fees for Maharashtra Police constable Salary 2021 are

  • For Reserved Category Candidate – Rs 350/-.
  • For General Category Candidate – Rs 450/-.

Maharashtra Police Vacancy 2021 Selection process & Salary

The candidate needs to go through the 4 stages of recruitment given below. You can check them up-

  • First and foremost eligibility criteria must be fulfilled.
  • Online application and the fee process must be completed
  • Written exam(Need to clear the cut off marks)
  • Physical Test (Check Physical (PST/ PET) details)
  • Medical test
  • Document Verification.

The salary of Maharashtra Police Constable 2021 is INR 5200 to INR 20200 with a grade pay of INR 2000/- per month.

Maharashtra Police Constable Physical Standard Test

The Maharashtra Police Department has come up with the minimum physical requirement for the constable post. The candidates need to meet with the application form, if they are not eligible then they cannot fill the application form. The physical requirements are as follows-

Chest 79 cms
Height 165 cms 158 cms

Maharashtra Police Shipai PET

Applicants who had passed the written examination will have to arrive for the PET/PST round. The candidate must score at least 40% of the marks to proceed with the next round of document verification. The candidate’s physical fitness will be tested by the physical efficiency test conducted by the department. This test will consist of three sub-tests. The details of the test are given below-

Test for Male Test for Female Score 
1600 meter race 800-meter race 30
100-meter race 100-meter race 10
Shotput Shotput 10
Total  Total  50

Document Verification 

The last stage of the Maharashtra Police Selection Process is document verification. Their candidate would be called, to provide original copies of the documents to verify their authenticity. Candidates have to bring original documents with 2 sets of photocopies to avoid inconvenience during the process. Applicants should bring all their original certificates along with two sets of photocopies to avoid any inconvenience later on. Once the candidates qualify at this stage, they are eligible for deputation at various districts of Maharashtra under the Maharashtra Police Department.


The article provided you with all eligibility criteria for General, OBC, and SC/ST categories additionally you got the step by step by step process of application and the documents required for the vacancy. After reading all the information, most of the aspirants would have the necessary documents and eligibility, but the real hustle starts in the preparation of the exam, where you need the right guidance and a proper environment to crack the exam. At this date, there are numerous platforms that are best and facilitate you to clear the exam at ease but I recommend Byjus Exam Preparation because of the low cost are experienced teachers that give you the right guidance to clear the exam.

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Read, Write, Speak and Grow – Tips on Raising a Super kid

In today’s world, the ability to express one’s ideas most appropriately and confidently is a skill that most people lack. Irrespective of the industry you work in, career growth is proportional to the sharp communicative skills one possesses. To develop such skills, one should be given training at the right age. Here, the right age is always the young age. Your kid can easily explore and conquer the opportunities in Ontario and beyond with the adequate skill sets in hand.

The cognitive and communicative skills of children are to be developed through a hand in hand process. This is because both these skills complement each other so well that the survival of one without the other is almost impossible.

Communicative skills comprise reading, writing and speaking skills. All three skills are equally important for the overall development of an individual. Most of the famous orators are also exemplary writers and voracious readers, without a doubt. How do they become like that? The answer to this question is – appropriate training and perseverance.

In Ontario, some institutes can provide state-of-the-art training programs to enhance the communicative skills of your kid. Some courses are so well designed and executed, such as the Write On Q writing programs. These courses are meticulously handcrafted to give the best results for the development of your child. This course emphasises on reading and writing skills for improving the vocabulary and speaking skills of the child.

Children of any age group can participate in the after school skill development programs. The important thing to keep in mind is to enrol your child in the best institute. Choosing the best institute can be tricky.

The best possible way is to understand the pedagogy a particular institute follows. Also, the faculty lineup can be used as a parameter to select the best after school training centre for your kid.

Public speaking skill is a crucial element among the other communicative skills. This skill determines the magnanimity of prospects your child may encounter. So sharpening the public speaking skills may require mammoth-sized dedication and relentless perseverance.

Sharp communicative skills, along with intense inquisitiveness, are the key to unleashing the hidden opportunities this world offers. So preparing your kid to grab the opportunities even before they knock can be regarded as the new way of accomplishing the holy duty of parenthood.

Let your child thread through the unfathomable paths of possibilities with the biggest weapon called communication.

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What Kind of an Engagement Ring You Would Prefer

The engagement ring is used to propose, everyone knows that. But why does a wedding ring have to be added later? And what are the biggest differences between the two rings? You can read all about the differences between engagement rings and wedding rings in this article!

A marriage proposal should be the perfect moment and buying the most beautiful engagement ring plays an important role in this. No wonder it takes men an average of 3 months to find the ring. Is it time for you too and do you want more information about what engagement ring is best to buy and what you should pay attention to when choosing? Then you are exactly right here and so, shop now.

When to choose rings?

The best time to pick out wedding rings is at least two months before the wedding. That way, you can take any last-minute wedding plans into account. If you’re not sure what kind of wedding ring you want, wear your engagement ring a few months before you start picking out the wedding ring. That might change your perspective on what you find beautiful or useful.

What Does An Engagement Ring Look Like?

The classic form of engagement rings are the so-called solitaire rings. These are rings with one large stone in a gold or white gold ring. Often the stone used is a diamond. Of course, there are many different types of engagement rings available. There is nothing ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. The choice of ring also depends on the taste of your bride-to-be.

Popular Engagement Rings

Before we tell you step by step what the most important things to keep in mind when buying your engagement ring, let’s take a look at a few popular models. This way you immediately have an idea of ​​the types of rings you could buy and you can probably get some inspiration.

How Much Should You Spend?

How much you ‘should’ spend on a ring is of course nowhere specified. In America it is customary to spend two months’ salary on an engagement ring. But the most important thing with a proposal ring is of course the gesture and the thought behind it, not the price. When buying the engagement ring, it is therefore best to look at your budget and how much you think it is worth to spend on the ring. You can go for the most expensive model, but when you get down on your knees; your partner will be just as happy with a cheap engagement ring. In the end, it is mainly the moment that counts and as long as it is a ring that your partner really likes, you do not have to stick to a certain price. The value of the ring goes much deeper than just the money paid for it. It is a symbol of commitment.

How Do The Stones Work?

The most traditional choice for an engagement ring is a diamond ring. When you want to buy an engagement ring with a diamond, it is important to pay attention to the 4 C’s: carat, color, clarity and cut. The first C of carat or carat stands for the weight of the diamond. 1 carat is equal to 0.2 grams and the higher the karat age, the more valuable the diamond. Color stands for the color, here we mainly look at how colorless a ring is. The more colorless a diamond is, the higher its value. The third C stands for clarity or purity, this is about how many impurities there are in the diamond. Because diamond is a natural product, there are always some impurities in it, but the less these are visible, the higher the quality of the diamond. The last C stands for cut, the cut. This is perhaps the most important C, because the way the diamond is cut, determines how the light falls in it and how beautifully it sparkles and sparkles. The most famous shape that you will also see a lot with engagement rings is the brilliant cut. Every diamond is valued on all these 4 C’s. When you are going to choose your engagement ring, it is therefore important to determine what you find important in the diamond and to pay close attention to this.

Our Design Packages | Ethica Diamonds Bespoke

Do You Want To Buy A Cheap Engagement Ring?

If you would like to propose to your sweetheart but cannot or do not want to spend too much on this, there are plenty of ways to save on the ring. Instead of a diamond ring, you can also opt for a beautiful piece with a zirconia stone or crystal. Would you like a diamond engagement ring? Then you can save by choosing a diamond that is slightly less pure. The difference between a very pure and slightly less pure diamond is almost invisible, but you can feel it in your wallet. It is best to go for a slightly less pure but beautifully cut diamond that sparkles beautifully. This way you have the beautiful look of the diamond, but it is less expensive. Below we have listed a few beautiful models with both zirconia and diamonds, they are all equally beautiful, right?

Steel engagement ring with zirconia, Rose bicolor ring with diamond White gold solitaire ring with diamond Yellow gold engagement ring with diamond

Buy The Perfect Engagement Ring

Once you’ve decided what your budget is and what size it should be, all you need to do is find the perfect model. It helps if you already have a model in mind, but sometimes it is nice to see a number of models next to each other first to be able to orientate yourself. In the Lucardi stores you can view most rings in real life and of course always ask for advice. With such an important purchase, many people want to sleep on it before they really make a decision. When you are completely sure which ring it will be, you can buy the engagement ring online via the webshop. You can have your order delivered at home but also in a Lucardi branchwhere you can pick it up. This way you don’t run the risk that your fiancé-to-be happens to be at home when the ring is delivered.

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The Right Way of Shipping High Value and Sensitive Industrial Equipment

As the economy is becoming global, shipping of equipment globally and even to distant states in a country has become very essential. You cannot always have all the pieces of equipment at your disposal to accomplish the operations of your company irrespective of your niche market.

Shipping small to large equipment promptly and in a safe condition is an important task that many shipment companies have to perform day in and out to keep the economies of various organizations operational.

Ship A Car, Inc. provides reliable equipment shipping services all through the United States. Their specialists are well trained in handling all the challenges that equipment shipping comes with. From getting permits to arranging the right carrier, they do the task seamlessly at very affordable costs. Their transport coordinators also ensure that you are given real-time tracking for your shipment in transit.

High-value equipment shipping tips

The equipment used in most industries is expensive and is required in a time-constrained manner. Any damage during the transit can not only result in loss of the equipment, but can put a halt on the productivity of an organization, which can cause a huge financial loss. Thus, while shipping such heavy value equipment, you must take care of the following factors:

1. Damages that can occur during transit:

  • Shock, vibrations, dust, moisture, and many other factors cannot just damage the equipment externally but can also affect its functionality.
  • Pieces of equipment that have sensitive electrical circuits have to be protected from all forms of weather conditions at all cost.
  • Thus, you have to ensure that you are packaging such equipment correctly in protective cases.

2. Travel distance:

  • Short-distance travel is unlikely to cause much harm.
  • It is when the equipment needs to be transported to fairly large distances and it is going to days before it can be delivered, more care is needed.
  • During the transit, different cities can have varied weather forecasts, road conditions, and permit requirements. All this needs proper planning.

3. Making use of waterproof cases and engineered foam:

  • For extra protection of sensitive or fragile equipment, it is essential to pack them correctly.
  • All electronics are sensitive to moisture and static charge, therefore, a waterproof case becomes a necessity.
  • Additionally, such electronics should not be packed in outer corrugated boxes.
  • Shock sensitive and fragile equipment have different needs and they need engineered foam covering for safe transit.

4. Cost factor:

  • For long-distance and international shipments, this can be a very important factor.
  • Even the dimensions of the outer packaging of your shipment can drastically increase your shipping expenses.
  • Choosing the right material for outer packaging to keep the weight of the shipment to a minimum is as essential as the safety parameters are.

Thus, you must choose a freight company after putting a lot of consideration on various factors such as their reliability, availability of the right form of carrier, their customer service, experience in similar forms of shipping, and their license status. Insurance plays a major role here and thus your chosen company must provide cover for in-transit damages.

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What Should You Look For When Buying A Dining Table Online?

A dining table is not an ordinary piece of furniture. It is the focal point of the dining room. This is where the entire family gathers not just to have meals, but to catch up with each other as well. The perfect dining table is one that seats everyone comfortably and complements the overall decor style. It might seem tough to find the right one, however, there are many designs available online. We can find contemporary as well as traditional tables that will match the theme used in the dining space. There are some unique dining tables found on the Wakefit website that’s guaranteed to create an impact.

Given below are a few tips and tricks that will help you while buying the perfect dining furniture online.

 Fix a budget

Finding a dining table within your budget is the main priority. We all have price constraints and the aim is to find a dining table that doesn’t burn a hole in our pocket. So, fix a budget at which you can buy an affordable dining table or complete the dining set for your home. Decide on the make and material while allocating the money for your dining table, as the cost changes according to the materials used in manufacture. Remember, dining tables can be bought separately without buying the chairs, and this affects the price as well.

Explore online. 

Many websites state that they sell the best dining furniture online. However, this is not always true. Be careful of gimmicks and fraudsters. Don’t fall into the traps of unscrupulous online retailers that promise premium quality furniture on their website only to provide you with substandard pieces on delivery. Choose renowned websites and brands of furniture that have already made a mark in the furniture business. In case you like a piece of furniture from a lesser-known brand/website and are confused whether to buy it or not, look for reviews from genuine customers. If the reviews look satisfactory, you may go ahead with the purchase.

Personal preferences matter. 

The advantage of online platforms is that you have a variety of options/designs available. The flip side is that this makes it more confusing to choose the right one. Always keep in mind the exact type of dining table that you initially imagined for your home. Of course, there will be slight modifications, but do not deviate too much. Your dining table must match the overall theme used in the dining room’s decor. The table should not look out of place and should blend with the rest of the furniture in the room. For instance, wooden dining tables will be perfect for wooden dining chair sets. Dining tables come in different shapes. There are oval, square, rectangular and round-shaped dining tables available online. Choose the one that suits your room.

Match the furniture size with your room space

Measure your room before you fix the size of your dining table. There will be many sizes available online. Choose the one that correctly fits your room. You can choose oval or round-shaped dining tables to save the corner space and increase the seating arrangement. Apart from this, choose the size based on the number of people in your home. There should be enough seating space for every family member in the home, plus a little extra space for guests.

Try customisation 

If you are not satisfied with the dining table design that you see while exploring online, try asking the retailer for customised products. Give your ideas and let them come up with the best design that suits your home.

Wait for the best deals. 

Deals are the best part of online shopping. Grab the best deals usually given during festival seasons and avail the best discount for your dining table. Often, people are able to buy good quality products at a huge bargain during the offer period.

Check for warranty 

Ensure the online retailer provides warranty for the product so that you can return it in case of manufacturing defects. You can also opt for an extended warranty by paying extra.

Get it delivered to your doorstep

Transport is a major issue when it comes to furniture. Most online retailers give free delivery options or charge you a minimal amount. Get your dining table delivered to your doorstep by the online retailer itself. Dining tables are large, so ensure they are placed and positioned correctly by the delivery/installation team. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to move it later on.


A dining room is a space where memories are often made. Of good food, good company and good times. This is where both family and friends gather to share not just a meal, but also their stories. So, make sure to choose the right dining table that would last a lifetime.

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