The Right Way of Shipping High Value and Sensitive Industrial Equipment

As the economy is becoming global, shipping of equipment globally and even to distant states in a country has become very essential. You cannot always have all the pieces of equipment at your disposal to accomplish the operations of your company irrespective of your niche market.

Shipping small to large equipment promptly and in a safe condition is an important task that many shipment companies have to perform day in and out to keep the economies of various organizations operational.

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High-value equipment shipping tips

The equipment used in most industries is expensive and is required in a time-constrained manner. Any damage during the transit can not only result in loss of the equipment, but can put a halt on the productivity of an organization, which can cause a huge financial loss. Thus, while shipping such heavy value equipment, you must take care of the following factors:

1. Damages that can occur during transit:

  • Shock, vibrations, dust, moisture, and many other factors cannot just damage the equipment externally but can also affect its functionality.
  • Pieces of equipment that have sensitive electrical circuits have to be protected from all forms of weather conditions at all cost.
  • Thus, you have to ensure that you are packaging such equipment correctly in protective cases.

2. Travel distance:

  • Short-distance travel is unlikely to cause much harm.
  • It is when the equipment needs to be transported to fairly large distances and it is going to days before it can be delivered, more care is needed.
  • During the transit, different cities can have varied weather forecasts, road conditions, and permit requirements. All this needs proper planning.

3. Making use of waterproof cases and engineered foam:

  • For extra protection of sensitive or fragile equipment, it is essential to pack them correctly.
  • All electronics are sensitive to moisture and static charge, therefore, a waterproof case becomes a necessity.
  • Additionally, such electronics should not be packed in outer corrugated boxes.
  • Shock sensitive and fragile equipment have different needs and they need engineered foam covering for safe transit.

4. Cost factor:

  • For long-distance and international shipments, this can be a very important factor.
  • Even the dimensions of the outer packaging of your shipment can drastically increase your shipping expenses.
  • Choosing the right material for outer packaging to keep the weight of the shipment to a minimum is as essential as the safety parameters are.

Thus, you must choose a freight company after putting a lot of consideration on various factors such as their reliability, availability of the right form of carrier, their customer service, experience in similar forms of shipping, and their license status. Insurance plays a major role here and thus your chosen company must provide cover for in-transit damages.