How To Determine If A Mobile Archiver POC Is Successful?

With the continuing growth of technology, the line between work and personal life has become blurry more than ever. Thus, the help and security of mobile archivers are now essential to keep sensitive data safe and ensure compliance with regulated company standards.

Failing to protect confidential data through archive mobile communication can put any business at risk in running afoul of regulatory compliance mandates and may be invulnerable to cyber attackers that can easily break networks.

Consequences Of Failing To Archive Mobile Communication

Social engineering attacks like phishing, that is undoubtedly increasing these days, can allow hackers to penetrate any corporate network smoothly through the mobile device of their employees. Some use malicious applications or unsecured WiFi network connections to put any organization to big threats. As per the Text request, 89% of customers like to text with businesses. Thus, the challenge met in this method of communication expands alongside technology’s advancement. Public records archiving is one of the proven best solutions for this scenario.

Mobile Archiving Solution: The Compliance Case

Regulators and policymakers across the globe released new laws and regulations due to the increased usage of text messaging and calls from personal mobiles for business-related purposes. According to these laws, all business communications through mobile devices are valid business records and must be kept for transparency and compliance. Mobile archiving is becoming more helpful to businesses of any nature, including finance, healthcare, education, and even IT/BPOs that serve millions of customers worldwide daily. A holistic mobile archiving solution can:

  1. Capture correspondence from a wide scope of versatile channels.
  2. Respond to administrative requests by effectively looking for the right data.
  3. Eliminate consistence hazard with nonstop portable call and instant message checking highlights.
  4. Go past consistence to acquire important business understanding.
  5. Support BYOD and remote work strategies.

Any business shouldn’t put itself to compliance and regulatory risk and must protect not only the enterprise and its staff but also the customers who avail its services or products. By getting a mobile or sunshine archiving, any business can minimize its vulnerability against hackers. And if proven effective to the system, then your archiving service is definitely working and is best suited to your company.

To know more about determining if a mobile archiver POC is successful, you can read this infographic from TeleMessage.




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