How to find loose online pokies with the best payouts?

The step is finding out the certified return-to-player (RTP) rates on online slots before playing. These indicate the statistical percentage returned to players in winnings over time. RTPs range anywhere from 80% ups to 99% – the higher the better. Most reputable online casinos publish overall payout rates for their slots. Certain major slot providers are known for higher paying games than competitors. For example, Playtech, NetEnt and Microgaming are leaders in loose slots with average RTPs of 96-97%. Dig a bit deeper and you can find individual titles with RTPs up to 98-99%. Focusing your play on top providers’ slots gives you an edge.

Try new releases

The loosest online pokies are brand new releases trying to make a splash. It makes sense that developers would offer slightly better payouts for the first few months to build hype and attract players to new titles. So check for the latest new slots and jump in early to take advantage of their looser settings.

Analyze older classic slots

The real money pokies best payouts ironically come from older classic slots that have stood the test of time. Decade-old titles with simple mechanics and bonus rounds can boast RTPs in the 96-98% range. Their longevity proves their looseness. Give cherished favorites a spin.

Avoid progressive side bets

The tempting, avoid side bet sucker wagers tied to big progressive jackpots. Their outlandishly high RTPs listed reflect rare once in a million hits. Your chances of triggering these as an average player are near zero. Stick to main slot features and bets for consistent better odds rather than wasting bankroll on dreamed-about jackpots.

Choose simpler slots

Higher paying slots tend to be classic three reel and five reel titles with minimal features. The more complex interactive video slots with elaborate graphics, cut scenes, and layered features nearly always have lower RTPs to compensate. Simple gameplay equals better odds.

 Select slots with smaller jackpots 

The better long run payouts choose slots offering smaller and medium-sized jackpots. Games featuring huge linked progressives recoup their odds by having tighter overall pay tables and higher volatility. Lower jackpot slots spread wins across more common smaller hits.

 Play online over land-based

Online pokies inherently come with higher payback percentages on average than land-based slot machines. Lower overhead costs for online casinos allow them to offer slots with RTPs 1-3% higher versus physical casinos, to your advantage. So your odds are better from home.

Compare online casinos

Online casinos are equal. Comparing published payout reports between sites shows some pay back an average of 95% across all games, while others pay 97% or more. While a couple percent doesn’t sound huge, it adds up substantially over thousands of spins. So consider moving your play to higher paying casinos.