What should we expect from the AI’s implementation? 

Today, artificial intelligence is one of the most popular terms in the world. According to some forecasts, AI will bring $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2035. He already creates a lot of digital content – texts, pictures, music, videos, etc. The basics of its functioning should be known at least in order not to lose business or work. Let’s figure out the spheres of AI application right now!

What should you know about artificial intelligence?

In late 2022-early 2023, the only thing everyone was talking about was Chat GPT, which practically became synonymous with artificial intelligence (AI). It burst into our lives suddenly and caused a new wave of fear of AI. Not so long ago, the main fear was that artificial intelligence would take over the world, impose its rules, and rule over everyone like the Architect from The Matrix, or become Skynet with the sole purpose of destroying humanity. And today, this list was replenished with a new fear of losing one’s job.

The best service for undressing girls

However, there is one interesting area of AI’s implementation, which can undress girls only for a few seconds. The main advantage of the nudifier app over the others is the presence of different tools for selecting objects that need to be deleted. This will allow you to more accurately select areas without capturing anything important that should remain in the original image. The process of removing and filling the clothes from girls still remains with artificial intelligence and is presented in; You need to prepare an image of the person you want to see naked. Remember that the service “thinks out” these body parts. In fact, like you, it doesn’t know what’s under the clothes.